Wildfire Recovery Support Program

Wildfire Recovery Support Program Update

With the Red Cross Phase II application closing on May 31, 2018, our Business Ambassadors will soon be in contact with clients to complete follow-up interviews. 

The interviews will be used to ensure that businesses who applied for the Red Cross Phase II received all the support they needed to complete the application. The follow-up will give our Business Ambassadors the opportunity to make business owners aware of furture assistance that they may be eligible to participate in. All businesses that were affected by the wildfires are encouraged to watch for upcoming seminars, workshops and programs that can provide owners and employees with free skills training. 

Visit the new Community Futures website at http://www.cfwildfire.ca to view all the upcoming events hosted by Community Futures throughout the region. 


Wildfire Recovery Support Program Overview

In response to the 2017 wildfires in the Cariboo Chilcotin and Thompson Nicola regions of the Province, the Wildfire Recovery Support Program (WRSP) has been launched. In a coordinated effort, it is being delivered throughout the region by three Community Futures offices based in, Williams Lake, Quesnel and Ashcroft.  Each office will cover it’s local and regional mandated area. 

The main purpose of the program is to offer hands on support to businesses and non-profits in the region who have been affected by the wildfires.  The program which is sponsored by Northern Development Initiative Trust and Cariboo Chilcotin Beetle Action Coalitiion will offer affected businesses both referrals to supporting agencies as well as personal administrative help in accessing programs and services.  During the recovery process, many businesses have failed to apply for or seek out the available grants such as the Red Cross Phase I and II, Agricultural Supports, Health & Wellness programming and other financial opportunities such as supplemented business loans.  The reasons for this are mixed and include lack of time, lack of resources, limited internet access, English barriers and lack of information. To overcome these barriers, the program Ambassadors will focus on meeting owner/operators from all business sectors in their regions.  Once the specific needs of the business have been identified via a short questionnaire, referrals and assistance will be offered.  Statistics from these meetings will be gathered and submitted to the funders for tracking purposes.  The results will also be used to identify current and future assistance which may not yet be identified.  The program will run until October 2018 and will make available ongoing information to businesses as programs and funding come on line.   


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