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The Entrepreneurial Adventure….Is it for you?

More people are considering self-employment as a work option, many of them left have left steady jobs to venture out on their own.

One major reason for this trend toward self-employment is the changing workplace. As governments and corporations restructure, guaranteed full-time employment is becoming a thing of the past. There’s still plenty of work that needs doing, but it’s being packaged in different ways. Governments are privatizing and contracting out a wide array of services. Contracting out, or outsourcing, is also becoming a favoured way for companies in the private sector to do business.

Of course, there are reasons other than economic ones to start a small business. Maybe you’ve taken an early retirement and can’t imagine a life of total leisure. More than one successful business has been started by retirees with get-up-and-go to spare. You may also be looking for a business to supplement your pension benefits.

Perhaps you’re at the front end of your working life and considering your options. Faced with an ever changing job market, you might well consider creating your own job. If so, you are likely to find plenty of encouragement. Governments at all levels are recognizing the importance of entrepreneurship in job creation.

What does it mean to be an entrepreneur? As it is commonly used, the word entrepreneur refers to someone who organizes, manages and assumes the risk to start a business or enterprise that ultimately creates jobs for others. This type of entrepreneur usually invests a high level of time, energy and financial resources to succeed in business. At the other end of the scale some people choose self-employment in order to get off the corporate treadmill and are content to make just enough money from self-employed earnings to support themselves.

Last, and most obvious of all, you might be one of those people who just knew from your first lemonade stand you were going to be your own boss and took the adventurous and often unpredictable road less travelled.

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