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Draw Your Business

Whether you are starting a new business, expanding an existing business or simply looking to refresh your current business, the best idea is to start by drawing a picture.

Take some time to sit down and focus on the vision you have for your business. Draw it out! Whether you do this mentally or physically, start right from the basics. When you walk through the doors of your business, what do you want customers to see? Do you see the check-out counter or welcome desk as the first thing that customers see? Or do you have some merchandise featured to capture the eyes of your visitors? 

Walk through your business’ space. What belongs where? Do you have a layout or a store map in mind that could increase traffic through the building or make it more pleasing to the customer’s eyes? What type of flow do you want the space to have? If you have a waiting area, where is it located and how is it set up to make the most out of the space?

Next, decide on the colors and the features. Envision all the details! Think of the colours and the shades that you want. Figure out how those colours will make customers or clients feel when they walk into the business or office. How does the colour scheme of your business’ physical location work with your branding?

Once you have everything decided in your mind of how things should look and feel, take a look at your current business location. Would updating your space make business easier or more pleasing for staff and customers? If you are ready to take the plunge and start remodeling, figure out the budget you can put aside to make all the renovations worthwhile. What do you want versus what do you actually need for your vision to come to life?  Further, and maybe most importantly, what are the real cost of making it all happen?

Planning to do one large overhaul of the business layout may be what you want to do, but you can also take your time and do small projects along the way. This can help save you from the upfront costs involved in completing the entire makeover at once. Completing smaller projects also allows you to schedule renovations during the slower periods for your business.

Start planning your renovations by building a flow chart with your vision and the path you will take to get there. Who do you want to hire as potential contractors? Do you have any clients that would be good to reach out to for contractor work? Who do you see as potential partners in completing the projects? Next, decide on a timeline for each project that will eventually lead you to your vision.  It may take some time to make it all fit with your schedule and your contractor’s schedules, but making your business’ space more personalize to your branding and style will be well worth it.

Of course, not all small businesses have large store fronts; many function as a single office. The same principles apply for making your workspace function for you. Draw yourself a picture of how you want your office to look. By completing the changes to make your reality match your drawing, you will find yourself in a workspace that works for you. The more comfortable you are in your space, the more work you will achieve.

It is time to start drawing out exactly how you have always envisioned your business looking like and working your way to making it a reality.


By Alexis Forseille

Community Futures Cariboo Chilcotin

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