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Business Snow Maintenance

It’s the most wonderful time of the year with the holiday rush beginning to take place in businesses across the community. In the Cariboo-Chilcotin, you can almost guarantee that the holidays will have snow in the forecast. Have you prepared your business or place of work for the upcoming season of snow? If the business is located downtown, or adjacent to sidewalks, the sidewalk will be the number one concern for customers that visit or pass by the business. It is the responsibility of the business to maintain the sidewalk in front of their property. Your customers may never mention a cleared sidewalk, but they will be thankful for the safe place to walk. It may be in the business’ best interest to invest in sand or salt to place on areas that accumulate water and potentially form black ice. If the business chooses to use an ice-melt mix or salt mix, please consciously purchase mixes that are safe for customers to walk their dogs on. If you are unsure, the most pet friendly mix for sidewalks is sand. The customer and staff parking lots are the next areas of concern for businesses during the winter months. It is important to maintain the parking lots to ensure customers and staff can safely walk without the risk of slipping and falling due to snow or ice build-up. If you have a large parking lot, you may already have a contract for snow removal. If you don’t, it may be time to secure a snow removal company that can maintain the parking lot for the business. If the parking spaces are not too large for any employee to shovel by hand, a second option would be to create a schedule for snow removal with staff. For businesses that operate by using a fleet of vehicles, being prepared for snow takes a little more effort. Maintaining vehicles through the winter includes equipping them with winter tires and providing a supply of windshield washer fluid. Purchasing a snow scraper for each of the vehicles will also help employees deal with snowy conditions when they are on the worksite. For commercial vehicles that regularly travel through the mountain passes or on bush roads, it is important to do regular inspections on their chains to address any signs of wear. Whether the fleet requirements are mandatory or not, the safety and well-being of employees travelling on winter roads should be a top priority. As prepared as a business can be for snow,sometimes Mother Nature decides to give us more snow than we can handle at one time. For business owners and managers, it may be of interest to have a conversation with employees about the impact of a large snowfall on their commute to work. Everyone in the workplace should know the expectations to arrive to work after the large snowfall and the procedure to report if their commute has become unsafe to travel on-time to work. Winter is a busy and exciting time for businesses. By keeping up with the snow, you will be able to keep employees and customers safe during the holiday rush.

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